Identity Access Management Services

Identity Access Management

Achieve faster time to market for new digital business services while ensuring they are implemented securely and efficiently using IAM Modernization Services.

Digital transformation of the business landscape brought new opportunities and channels for growth. Cloud transformation has propelled the business to become more agile, but legacy identity and access management (IAM) have not kept pace. Legacy IAM solutions are not designed for the cloud and limit realizing the full potential of digital opportunities.

Our IAM service offerings are designed to unlock growth through a modern cloud-enabled IAM stack. They create new digital channels easily and securely. Our IAM systems deliver efficiency through automation, growth from a frictionless user experience, and meet corporate compliance and governance needs.

  • Accelerate IAM deployments with our IP-led solutions, designed to automate and innovate, transforming your IAM strategy
  • Improve visibility into your IAM infrastructure to generate actionable insights and IAM recommendations, eliminating the fear of the unknown
  • Improve application onboarding speed and improve security posture by leveraging automation and self-service for your IAM platform
  • Leverage IAM to create evidence of continuous compliance shown in easy-to-generate reports, streamlining the audit process, reducing the staff time investment
  • Reduce organizational overhead and improve cost effectiveness of IAM operations teams with sustained engineering and evergreen maintenance
  • Implement access management solutions that simplify user experience and streamline access requests to deliver an exceptional user experience

Offerings & Solutions

Identity & Access Management, Identity Governance

Reduce risk and modernize IGA quickly and easily with IAM-managed service to evaluate existing infrastructure and architect a unified IT governance platform for continuous compliance.

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IAM Modernization - Passwordless, Application Onboarding

Improve security posture and expedite digital initiatives with faster onboarding while delivering secure access with a frictionless user experience.

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User Access Management Operations

Accelerate access transformation and adoption with IAM modernization services, including IP-led assessment and automated application onboarding.

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Privileged Access Management

Reduce threat surface by ensuring the right people have access to sensitive information they require only for the right amount of time.

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Persistent Unity

Unity is a revolutionary platform that empowers businesses to streamline their IGA strategy, identify gaps, vulnerabilities, and compliance issues in minutes, make informed decisions, and mitigate risks.

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Persistent Ignite

Ignite is a powerful, customizable solution for Identity Access Management. With an API in Java and a UI using Node.js, implementation is easy, with minimal configuration required beyond network rights.

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7 Steps to Successful IAM Migration

Jumpstart your speed to modernize

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Despite the incredible benefits of modern IAM solutions, many enterprises are slow to get on board, fearing deployment failure.
Persistent’s 7-step approach to IAM modernization along with a well-designed IAM jumpstart program will help you de-risk and accelerate IAM migration with minimum downtime.

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Client Success

Unifying Identities for Savings

Learn how Directory Consolidation helped this leading Retail Pharmacy to save 50% of operational efforts and cost.

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Client Success

Self-service Application Onboarding Cost Savings

Using our UNITY solution, a large US-based technology company slashed application onboarding costs and timelines by 40%.

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Why Persistent?
300+ Success Stories

Proven track record of successfully delivering over 300 identity solutions with deep expertise in legacy and modern IAM platforms.

World Class Solutions

Faster time to market with IAM modernization frameworks and accelerators to deliver successful outcomes.

Robust Partner Ecosystem

Long-term, deep partnerships with best-of-breed IAM platforms and services for all identity-centric needs.

Client Success

Get Complimentary IAM Assessment

Ready to uncover unknown legacy IAM complexities? Automate IAM platform assessment within minutes.

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Client Success

Farewell Legacy IAM 2X Faster

Persistent can enable your organization with IP-led automation & expertise to assess, migrate and manage your IAM migration projects.

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News & Insights

Access our latest thought leadership and updates on Identity Access Management

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Top 3 Reasons to Consider Modernizing Your IAM

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Understand the Need and Proven Approach to Modernize Legacy IGA

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Best practices to Modernize Legacy IGA

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